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Vicente Risco- The Golden Beam

The Golden Beam and the Tar Beam One night we- Goriño, Bastián de Paradela, Rosa, Rafael, the lord of the castle and myself- were in the mill of Uncle Xan de Barca, of Cibrao de Penapetado, when Bastián de Paradela … Continue reading

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Vicente Risco- O Porco de Pé

The Prancing Pig After the First World War, Don Celidonio graduated from pig to hog and wound up as mayor.  His wife swelled up like the piper’s bag. Now he is president of the City Council and other societies.  His … Continue reading

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Castelao- Cousas

Next to Nature It is the very moment when the earth rolls away from the light to go to sleep and a thick, milky mist rises from the roofs and starts to spread through the bottom of the valley.  There … Continue reading

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The Beheaded Chicken- Horacio Quiroga

The four idiot children of the Mazzini-Ferraz family spent the whole day sitting on a bench in the patio.  Their tongues hung between their lips, they had stupid eyes and they turned their heads with their mouths open. It was … Continue reading

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A Man Like Orestes- Álvaro Cunqueiro

The mist was slowly lifting from the square.  The high tower of the fort could now be seen above the red roofs, and swallows were emerging from their nests, dropping with open wings for their first morning flight.  In a … Continue reading

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Zalacain the Adventurer- Pío Baroja

A path running down from the fort passes across the top end of the cemetery and through the French gate.  This path has several stone crosses along it at the upper end which lead to a chapel and at the … Continue reading

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Pedro Páramo- Juan Rulfo

I came to Comala because they told me my father, a certain Pedro Páramo, lived there.  My mother told me.  And I promised her I would come and find him when she died.  I squeezed her hands to show her … Continue reading

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The Manor Houses of Ulloa- Emila Pardo Bazán

For all the rider tried to rein in his shaggy mount, pulling with all his strength on the single cord of rope and whispering calming and gentle words, it was still intent on descending the slope at a hasty trot … Continue reading

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Opening Chapters

On Opening Chapters you will find the first chapters of Spanish novels.  It is a showcase for my work as a translator and an opportunity for general readers to dip their toes into a literature with which they may not … Continue reading

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